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Share the Sunshine and the Water

Share the Sunshine and the Water

Share the Sunshine

Something amazing is happening. All around the world people growing tired of the old unfair method of doing business are rising up and searching for a bold new way.

Like-minded people are finding each other and coming together to form the Trib-e. The Trib-e is an exciting movement of individuals blending creative invention, creative designe,ethical business and new technology..Our unique concept bring together innovators, buyers in the large retail market and investors to create mutually beneficial community that believes an alternative more humane and fairer world is possible.

The Trib-e is here to provide security: No one wants to lose money . So the Trib-e will never launch an innovation without reaching the break even point. For that, all innovations would be presented to all our data basis of clients and contacts in the retail business, specialist etc. The Trib-e offers a unique opportunity to allow people to start their business with a simple way of doing it: FIND THE CLIENTS FIRST!. All the rest will follow.

Share the Water with The Water World Trib-e

The Trib-e is only focused on all innovations around the problem of the damages created by the bottled drinks (see our FAQ) and as one of the consequence, the lack of water in several places in the world, and the extension of the problem. In few words: We are trying to convince the world to use their tapwater. So whatever innovations, design around our core business (See Corporate) you have, the more chance you have to hit 2 birds: Make money and save the water.